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There are different types of Heroes who can help you on your way. You can upgrade them by collecting their cards, obtained from winning battles.

Name Rarity Weapon
★★★★ Legendary Abraham Legendary Assault rifle
★★★★ Legendary Carol Legendary Sniper rifle
★★★★ Legendary Daryl Legendary Sniper rifle
★★★★ Legendary Eugene Legendary SMG
★★★★ Legendary Glenn Legendary Assault rifle
★★★★ Legendary Hershel Legendary Shotgun
★★★★ Legendary Michonne Legendary Melee
★★★★ Legendary Morgan Legendary Melee
★★★★ Legendary Rick Legendary Pistol
★★★ Maggie Rhee Epic Shotgun
★★★ Paul "Jesus" Rovia Epic SMG
★★★ Rick Grimes Epic Pistol
★★★ Rosita Espinosa Epic Assault rifle
★★★ Sasha Williams Epic Sniper rifle
★★★ Tara Chambler Epic Pistol
★★ Abraham Ford Rare Assault rifle
★★ Carl Grimes Rare Pistol
★★ Carol Peletier Rare Melee
★★ Daryl Dixon Rare Sniper rifle
★★ Glenn Rhee Rare Shotgun
★★ Hershel Greene Rare Sniper rifle
★★ Michonne Rare Melee
★★ Morgan Jones Rare Melee
Name Rarity Weapon
Joe Mahtani Common Shotgun
Kate Nguyen Common Assault rifle
Len Carter Common Pistol
Sam Hamidi Common SMG
Frank Delucco Common Pistol
George Aoki Common SMG
Alex Freemont Common SMG
Will Braggs Common Melee
Anna Jepsen Common Melee
Mae Campbell Common Melee

Inactive heroes

Heroes that will probably appear in the game in the near future.

Name Rarity Weapon
★★★★ Dwight Legendary SMG
★★★★ Gabriel Stokes Legendary
★★★★ Legendary Ezekiel Legendary
★★★★ Negan Legendary Melee
★★★ Eugene Porter Epic SMG
★★★ Ezekiel Epic Melee
★★★ Merle Dixon Epic Melee
★★★ The Governor Epic Assault rifle
Anthony Common
Brandon Common
Danny Kee Common Pistol
Della Bronski Common
Kora Straton Common
Laura Navarro Common Melee
Nicholas Common
Ruby Fitzgerald Common SMG
Sarah Lim Common Pistol
Zeke Martinez Common Pistol

Hero classes

This is a list of the types of hero, and which walkers they are strong against.


Close combat type, the only one who can get out of a struggle by themselves.

Strong Against Regular Walker

Assault rifle

Ranged attack that shoots in longer bursts than SMGs. Main-target is hit with most damage, but the remaining bullets from the burst are weaker. Those remaining bullets also push back the affected targets.

Strong Against Heavy Walker

Sniper rifle

Ranged attack with a zoom that allows you to hit with pinpoint accuracy.

Strong Against Armored Walker


Ranged attack with good fire rate and accuracy. Hits a single target at a time.

Strong Against Slim Walker


Ranged attack with spreading shot, stunning targets in close proximity to the main-target. The main-target receives full damage of the weapon.

Strong Against Grenade Walker


Ranged attack that shoots in short bursts. Main-target is hit with damage equal to the power level, but the remaining bullets from the burst are weaker. Those remaining bullets also stun the targets for very short time.

Strong Against Spiked Walker