Our World


Name Rarity Description
★★★★ Carol's Fireworks Legendary Increases grenades' area of effect.
★★★ Daryl's Ear Necklace Epic Increases player's weapon damage against raiders.
★★★ Gabriel's Bible Epic Reduces healing time.
★★★ Junk Cat Epic Chance of double reward from a supply crate.
★★★ Walker Terry Epic Increases First Aid Kit cap.
★★ Abraham's Weapon Crate Rare Increases grenade cap.
★★ Dale's RV Rare Increases Survivor cap.
★★ Rosita's Dynamite Bundle Rare Increases the damage grenades inflict.
★★ Savior Van Rare Increases cover durability.
Morgan's Go Bag Common Increases Coin cap.
Sheriff's Duffel Bag Common Increases Energy cap.
Walker Mike Common Increases Building Materials cap.