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★★★★ Rick's Silenced Pistol *
★★★★ Condor Revolver
★★★ Vulture Pistol
★★ Falcon Pistol
Osprey Pistol

Strong Against Slim Walker


Pistols are single shot weapons with average sized magazines. The first shot is accurate, but some recoil or spread is applied if shooting too fast.

Assault rifle

★★★★ Morgan's Assault Rifle *
★★★★ Warrior Assault Rifle
★★★ Patriot Assault Rifle
★★ Conqueror Assault Rifle
Defender Assault Rifle

Strong Against Heavy Walker


Assault Rifles are automatic weapons with large magazines. First shots are more accurate than what the SMGs shoot, but still somewhat inaccurate after few bullets.


★★★★ Reclaimer Shotgun *
★★★★ Bulldozer Shotgun
★★★ Piledriver Shotgun
★★ Jackhammer Shotgun
Anvil Shotgun

Strong Against Grenade Walker


Shotguns are single shot weapons with small magazines. Shot consists of multiple pellets spreading heavily, allowing the you to hit multiple targets at once.


★★★★ Panther SMG
★★★ Ocelot SMG
★★ Lynx SMG
Wildcat SMG

Strong Against Spiked Walker


SMGs are burst-fire weapons with average sized magazines. When you shoot once, the weapon will fire in quick 3 bullet bursts. Recoil makes SMGs somewhat inaccurate weapons.

Sniper rifle

★★★★ Guardian Sniper Rifle *
★★★ Ranger Sniper Rifle
★★ Scout Sniper Rifle
Hunter Sniper Rifle

Strong Against Armored Walker


Sniper Rifles are single shot weapons with scopes for accurate aiming and small magazines. These weapons are always very accurate, but they’re slow to fire.

Shooting: Hold your finger on the screen to have the scoped view, aim by keeping your finger pressed on the screen. The weapon will fire when you lift your finger off of the screen.




Grenades are a secondary type of weapon useable during missions. These are thrown by either tapping the icon, or dragging from the icon towards the enemies. This will then throw the grenade in an arc, and it will explode in 1-2 seconds after being thrown, damaging targets in its radius. You can increase the Grenades's damage by finding and upgrading Rosita's Dynamite card, and Carol's Fireworks card will increase the grenade's damage radius.